Creativity. Quality. Experience.

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About Garden of Kent Ltd 

With Us the Grass is Greener

Creativity - The family at Garden of Kent Ltd has been providing professional landscaping services to our local home owners for more than 50 years, and we are the recent Kentish landscaping team addition you can rely on to help improve your home with a full range of professional services.

Quality - Our landscaping family understand the importance of having a beautiful garden you can be proud of, and you can expect us to be just as enthusiastic and excited about improving your space as you are. We can help you to create everything from a peaceful tropical garden environment to a formal garden for your space. Furthermore, we know that after your new landscape is installed, you must maintain it, we can help you make proper choices so that you can enjoy reduced landscaping costs.

Experience -  Garden of Kent Ltd has the materials and services you need to bring your garden to life. Retention wall blocks and railway sleepers can be used to correct alignment issues relating to drainage and grading, and to bolster your new landscaping efforts. Whether you are thinking of maintaining or updating your gardens, or renovating your entire front and back yards, we can help. Book now with Garden of Kent today to begin learning about the incredible possibilities for your outside space.